-I had a knee replacement and was looking for someone to help me get back into exercising without injuring my knee.  I also wanted nutritional support with the ultimate goal of losing 30 pounds.  Brenda was the perfect person to help me with this. Brenda looked at my overall situation and found exercises to strengthen my knee as well as my entire body.  Together we set realistic nutritional goals. Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and support has helped me stay on track. She monitored my progress and made adjustments as needed. With her help I’m well on my way to meeting all my goals. I highly recommend Brenda to anyone who wants realistic, solid support  to make long lasting lifestyle changes. Pat Lindquist

-Brenda is a very wonderful upbeat instructor absolutely fabulous for a first-time exerciser. For my very first exercise class it was truly a workout but I thoroughly enjoyed it, Brenda was very willing to adapt exercises to work for each individual which was wonderful. Thanks so very much Brenda for being so very upbeat positive and fun to work with.   Janet Ross

-Brenda’s enthusiasm will pump you up and her workouts will keep you from being bored, she mixes them up, inside or outside, team work or by yourself. I really don’t like to miss her workouts, my body truly misses them.  Julie Johnson

-I love how the classes are able to zero in on a specific muscles to strengthen.  I have been amaze of how much of a cardio workout it is.  I have been able to strengthen my core.  Brenda is really attune to the students in her class to adjust her class to their strengths and weaknesses. My husband and I are rock climbers and he has noticed I can climb more difficult climbs with less fatigue occurring.   Rita Morse

-The stability ball class was a lot of fun and a great workout. It was great having a different type of workout. The instructor Brenda has a lot of positive energy and really knows how to get the group moving. I appreciate her checking in through out the class to make sure we are doing okay and always is very willing to modify an exercise and answer questions. She is however a terrible singer!  Angela Simoneau

-I’ve really enjoyed the stability ball class, and with the class, you get access to videos she made of all the moves we do in class. The videos are awesome!! I’m able to watch the videos at any time, and I can make up my own routines at home.  My balance and strength has improved a lot since my very first class. Brenda is a fantastic, energetic instructor!! She really has passion for what she does!! Brenda has gone out of her way to help me with my sore shoulder, by giving me exercises to do at home and also by giving me alternative moves to do in class.  I would highly recommend her to anybody!! She is GREAT!!  Kris Goldeman

-Brenda is a one of a kind fitness instructor! I love how she pushes me to do my best, I am surprised by what I can do each time I workout with Brenda. I love the circuit classes she does, changing it up to make it more challenging when needed. Brenda Rocks!!  Jackie Strandberg

-I have worked with Brenda a few years now and I love all of her classes. I currently am taking her morning strength class and it's great! She knows exactly how much to push to get full results! Brenda always keeps the class upbeat and is a blast.  Samantha Rasmusson

-Everything you did was EXCELLENT.  I don't like to work out and never had.  Taking this class was very much out of my comfort zone but so glad I did it.  I needed something that was going to be easier on my joints.  It wasn't an easy workout but you knew how far to push us.  I never thought I would be able to do even a 1/4 of what I am doing.  I also love that it is a small setting.  I don't feel like I am "working out",  I feel like I am getting together with friends!  Each week we get to know each other more and more.  I also love your topics at the end of class.  It is so fun to also here what others are doing.  Thank you for being a part of my life change.  Jill Frost

-Brenda I cannot thank you enough for working with my dad! I haven’t seen him up and about for about 2.5 weeks and am amazed with his improvement, standing straight up when walking with definite confidence. You’ve made a huge impact on the importance of staying active and I believe he gets that now.  Jeez that month flew by, I’m so grateful for you and that your schedule was open to take him on as a client. Peggy Ferguson